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To Reach a “Safe Production Month”and to Achieve “Safe Production Month” Results in Contest
Views:13276   Time:2018-07-16

News from This Website: The “Safe Production Month” series of Chifeng Gold has gradually come to an end.In order to further consolidate the results of the series of safety production activities, all subsidiaries of Chifeng Gold have carried out safety knowledge competitions with the theme of “Fully Implementing the Main Responsibility of Enterprise Safety Production”. The safety knowledge contest is held in the form of prize contest, hidden danger identification, emergency response and case analysis, etc.

Jilong Mining, a subsidiary of Chifeng Gold, organized a competition on June 20th. There are 6 teams participated in the competition, and each team consisted of 3 people.The contestants are those safety and environmental protection staff from various subsidiaries, as well as front-line employees. Among the front-line employees, some of them are skills experts, and some are ordinary front-line employees. The competition atmosphere was very hot and fierce, and the statistical score group and review team were also set up on site. The contestants at the competition site were full of energy and answering questions with enthusiasm, while those watching the competition under the stage also tried their best, being eager to try. In addition, the on-site staff interactive answering session was added. The staff under the stage who answered the questions got a beautiful gift as a reward. After four rounds of competition, according to the on-site score statistics, we got one winner for the first prize, two winners for the second prizes and three winners for the third prizes. And the company leaders issued souvenirs and awards to the winning team.

Other members of Chifeng Gold also carried out different forms of safety knowledge competition activities according to the safety production characteristics of their respective enterprises.Some of them focus on the identification of hidden dangers, going deep into the production site, identifying the hidden dangers and proposing measures to eliminate hidden dangers.The judges made comments on solutions regarding the hidden dangers of the contestants that the contestants suggested, and selected top three and awarded those who gave the most proper and rational suggestions to the hidden dangers, and praised solutions ranking the fourth to sixth. Some contests took emergency response as the main content, and some use case analysis as the competition content. The virtual accident scene, comprehensively tested the competitor’s emergency handling ability, conducted case analysis to find out the reasons and give measures to be taken.

Through the organization of different forms of “Safe Production Month” knowledge competition activities, Chifeng Gold’s subsidiaries have laid a deep imprint on safety production for employees, improved the safety awareness of the participating employees, and laid a good foundation for the company’s safety production in the second half of the year.

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